Zanzibar & East Africa: some useful links

No website on Oman would be complete without information on Zanzibar (Unguja), Pemba and the East African coast. We wish to build up a list of selected links which can serve as an introduction to Zanzibar and the East African littoral, with special regard to the relationship with Oman. If you kow of any links wich you would like to see included, please inform us (

The Zanzibar Archives is the ultimate website dedicated to Zanzibar, its people, history and culture. It should serve as your starting point, because it has a lot of information on Zanzibar (plus plenty of information on Omani history), a comprehensive list of Zanzibar links and a good Zanzibar Bibliography. The website is built and maintained by Kamal Gordhan. It is also available on several mirror sites.

Other Zanzibar-related websites are:

  • For our own list of recommended books on Oman's connection with East Africa, click here.

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