Oman: Institutions and Associations

This is a continuously updated list of institutions and associations with a particular interest in Oman. If you wish to add any institution, please e-mail us at

1. Institutions and associations focusing on Oman

The German-Omani Association / Deutsch-Omanische Gesellschaft has members mainly in Germany and Oman. The website is in both German and English. It gives access to the Association's statutes and publishes the circulars of the Association. E-mail:

Some Anglo-Omani institutions in the UK share a joint domain at This includes the following two:
Anglo-Omani Society, - Honorary Secretary: Richard Owens, September Cottage, 29 Chipperfield Road, Bovingdon, Herts. HP3 0JN, UK. - Tel. +44-1442-833589, Fax -833313.
The Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces Association. - Membership Secretary: Mr. Neil Fawcett, E-Mail:

The Stichting Nederland - Sultanaat van Oman / Foundation The Netherlands - Sultanate of Oman has not yet established a presence in the WWW. Its postal address is Lange Voorhout 84, 2514 EJ Den Haag, Netherlands; Tel. +32-2-7358396, Fax +32-2-7358466.

The Oman-Japan Friendship Association has no website either. The address of the Association's Muscat Office is P.O. Box 66, Ruwi PC 112, Oman; Tel. +968-792861, Fax -792862.

The Holland Committee Oman is a club for Dutch expatriates in Oman (mainly - but not exclusively - PDO staff and their families). The website was started by Mr. Han de Min in 1997 on the CompuServe homepages domain.

2. Institutions and associations focusing on Arabia and the Gulf States

Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, England (incorporating the former Centre for Arab Gulf Studies).
Contact: J.M. Davies (

Society for Arabian Studies
The Honorary Secretary, c/o The British Academy, 10 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH, UK. - Issues the "Bulletin of the Society for Arabian Studies" (e-mail: ) and organizes the annual "Seminar for Arabian Studies" which usually takes place in London or Oxford in the third week of July.

Society for Gulf Arab Studies.
Contact: Joseph L. Overton (

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, Abu Dhabi

Gulf Centre for Strategic Studies, London
5 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road, London EC1M 7AN. - Tel. +44-171-2533805, Fax +44-171-2533809

3. Institutions and Associations focusing on the entire Middle East

DAVO Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient
Deutsches Orient-Institut, Hamburg
Middle East Institute, Washington DC, USA
Middle East Studies Association of North America
MELCOM Middle East Libraries Committee (UK)
and MELA Middle East Librarians Associations (USA)

4. Clubs and Associations in Oman

Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society, P.O. Box 981, Muscat PC 113, Oman; Tel. 600407, Fax 698558. - The website includes a Members' Directory. - Preliminary site is no longer operational.
Horticultural Association of Oman, P.O. Box 1925, Jabroo PC 114, Oman; Tel./Fax 605493. - The website includes a members list, information on events, and other useful information. - E-Mail: Clive Winbow or webmaster Zomo Martin.
Muscat Rugby Club
Boyzone Unofficial Oman Fan Club, was a website by Rohan and Nisha (no longer operational). -
Internet Society - Oman, a website developed by Khalid Ahmed al-Hosni, P.O. Box 3044, Ruwi PC 112, Oman; e-mail

5. Yahoo Clubs focusing on Oman

The following is a list of Yahoo clubs (we could not identify any clubs based on any other web platform) focusing on Oman and the Gulf:

Yahoo Club: Oman - General Oman club, establ. in July 1999, around 10 members
Yahoo Club: Omanists - General "Friends of Oman club", establ. in November 1999, around 10 members
Yahoo Club: Voice of Oman - General Oman club, establ. in April 1999, around 10 members
Yahoo Club: Omanis on Foreign Soil - Club for Omanis living abroad, establ. in April 2000, around 5 members
Yahoo Club: Omanis in Canada - Club of Omanis in Canada, establ. in November 1999, only around 7 members
Yahoo Club: Muscat - Muscat club, establ. in 2000, less than 5 members
Yahoo Club: Sultanate of Oman - Sultanate of Oman club, establ. in 2000, less than 5 members
Yahoo Club: Muscat Shore Fishing - Fishing club, establ. in 2000, less than 5 members
Yahoo Club: Arabian Gulf - General Arabian Gulf Club, establ. in January 1999, around 90 members
Yahoo Club: Arab Gulf and Yemen Stamp Group - Philatelic club for collectors of stamps of Oman, Yemen and the Gulf, establ. in March 1999, around 110 members, the only active club on this list. Stamp collectors should also check our Clubs page within the Omani Philately Network.

There are also some Yahoo clubs of explicit sexual interest (submao, funinoman, friendsinoman, mistressinoman, omanlesbosclub, women4womenomanoo).

As far as general Middle Eastern Studies are concerned, we have listed only a few institutions as our focus is on Oman. For more institutions which deal with the Middle East in general, see Middle Eastern Studies on the WWW (by Harvard's CMES).
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