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This page leads to general information on the Sultanate of Oman. Users should be warned that information contained in these sources not always accurate nor is it substantial in most cases. We hope to annotate this list in the future to help users to find reliable information. We welcome your comments or additions. Please e-mail us at

1. Major Content Providers (commercial and institutional websites)
The official website of the Ministry of Information, Sultanate of Oman. Launched on 18 November 1996. For other official Omani government websites, see the overview on our page of Omani Government Websites.
oman infoworld
One of the first and probably largest information sites on Oman, maintained by Dr. Ehab Moustafa, EM Consultants Company Ltd., Canada. A slightly different version of Oman Infoworld is available at on the MarketSpace Design Group server. The website is divided into four main sections - "About", Tourism, Culture and Economy - with many sub-pages (see the Index page).
A very comprehensive website in both German and English, launched in September 1996 by Georg Popp & Andreas Röver, TiNOX GmbH, München. Oman
Comprehensive website on Oman with numerous mirror sites, e.g. at,,,, and ArabNet is owned by the Saudi Research & Marketing Group. Oman
Mainly aimed at people looking for business information on Oman. Arab World Online LLC is a joint venture between the National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC) and Multitasking Online, Washington, DC. It includes a Country Profile (factsheet), US-Omani trade figures, and allows you to retrieve articles and other data on Oman from the NUSACC databases.
This website was launched in May 1997 by Arabia.On.Line, but has not been further developed in 1998. Combines some information on Oman with reference tools.
This is the local subsidiary of which was registered in May 1998 and launched in August 1998. It focuses on comprehensive business information on Oman combined with other services (company directory, classifieds, job market, etc.).
Also known as Oman Information Center, this commercial website was established in October 1998 by Abdulkarim al-Hinai ( of Unitized Computer Services, POB 414, Al-Harthy Complex, PC 118, Oman. Provides some general information on Oman, but its main aim is to provide a number of useful reference tools and directories relative to Oman.
omzest: Sultanate of Oman
Oman information pages by the Omzest Group (Omar Zawawi Est.). Includes short pages on history, geography, education, architecture and economy/business.

2. Major Content Providers (personal homepages)

The following websites are personal homepages by Omanis which provide comprehensive information on Oman - in some cases the information is more detailed and better presented than on some "professional" websites. We wish to apologize that we had to make a selection from the many homepages by Omanis which provide data on Oman. For a full list, go to Omanis' personal homepages (most of them have some information on Oman). Some specialized pages have also been used to build the Oman A to Z page.

Information about Oman, part of Tariq Online by Tariq bin Hilal al-Barwani
Nizwa Oasis: comprehensive Oman page (with focus on agriculture) by Rashid Abdullah al-Yahyai
"Window on Oman" exhibition designed by Abdulkareem Sonya al-Zadjali
The Sultanate of Oman by Saleh al-Shidhani (part of his inofficial SQU homepage)
Yaqub's Oman Homepage by Yaqub al-Shaaibi by Issa al-Harthy, Yokohama University
Muscat Information by Abhishek and Rahul Paul
The Great Rustaq by Abdulrahman al-Hatmi

3 a. General reference texts and comprehensive factsheets on Oman

Oman - a country study by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress
(although not fully up-to-date, one of the very few serious pieces of information on Oman in the WWW)

The CIA World Factbook
.... 1. CIA World Factbook: latest Internet edition (updated March 1997)
.... 2. CIA World Factbook 1996: Oman (on the Washington Post server)
.... 3. CIA World FactBook 1995: Oman

U.S. Department of State Background Notes: Oman (December 1994)
.... 1. gopher://
.... 2.
.... 3.

ArabWorld Factbook: Oman
Explore Oman - official Omani text by GTO
AWO Country Profile: Oman a factsheet by Arab World Online LLC (AWO.Net)
Oman entry in the Encyclopedia of the Orient, CiAS Centre d'Information Arabe Scandinave, Norway
Encarta info sheet on Oman by Encarta World Atlas Online
Basic Country Facts: Oman by ArabicNews
Oman by ABC News
Oman by E-Conflict (Eradicate Conflict)
Country Information for Oman from the SESRTCIC Info Base (Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries = SESRTCIC)
Oman information by Access to Arabia (general country information, sometimes not accurate)

3 b. Shorter Factsheets on Oman

There are many factsheets on Oman available in the WWW, however not always accurate. Most of them derive from the same source and are based on the CIA factbook which is also available from dozens of different sites.

Oman World Factbook 1995, mirrored at Tübingen University
NATO factsheet on Oman
Oman factsheet (by an Arab-Israeli peace group)
Oman factsheet (by Dutch source) by Atlapedia (Latimer Clarke Corp. Pty Ltd)
Oman Page of the MidEast Directory (very little information plus two dead links)
Oman factsheet, by Gold Stag Communications
Het sultanaat Oman, a Dutch factsheet on Oman, also at
Oman factsheet by RHDC International, Inc.

4. Official Documents on Oman (Laws, agreements, speeches, etc.)

Basic Law of Oman (Royal Decree No. 101/96, unofficial translation, 31 K)
List of teaties between Oman and Australia
U.S. Secretary of State speeches on Oman
Agreement between the United Kingdom and Oman for the Promotion and Protection of Investments (1996, no text)

5. Miscellaneous general sites and articles on Oman

Oman National Day 1996 Photo Reportage by Ammar Abd Rabbo
Nigel D. Purchon's impressions of a trip to Nizwa with 5 photographs, more photos here.
Paul's travel page: Oman in general by Paul G. Janssen, including Wahiba Sands and Rustaq.
Washington Post Info Page on Oman with access to Washington Post stories and Associated Press news on Oman
Cool site from Oman (by Ahmed bin Suhail al-Haabsi)
Guide to Oman (Welcome to Oman) by Sayyid Juland bin Jaifer Al Said
Sultanate of Oman by Sebastian Good
Oman page by Middle East Information Network
India's relations with Oman
Journey to Oman and Yemen: land of frankincense and myrrh by Jerry Farlow
The Sultanate of Oman by
Oman country profile: demography / population growth
Oman information page (I) (in Japanese)
Oman information page (II) (in Japanese)
Oman page (by students Kevin Pizer and Raf Szytuzla)
Voyage au pays de Sinbad by Thierry Raffin
Omani Arab: Joshua Project 2000 (Evangelization project)
Nance Profile: Oman (Evangelization project)
Prayer profile: The Omani Arab of Oman (Evangelization project)

6. Directories of addresses (etc.) in Oman

See also special pages such as Tourism (hotels, travel agents), Companies (businesses, banks, etc.), Business promotion (commercial directories, etc.), Omani government websites and Personal homepages (directory of Omani URLs and e-mail addresses).

Oman E-Mail Addresses Directory Search by GTO
Oman Telephone Directory Search by GTO
Oman Directory by New Horizon Internet Services
Banks in Oman by (Arab World Online LLC)
Embassies and the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (by ArabBiz)
Ministries & other government bodies in Oman by (Arab World Online LLC)
Omani Diplomatic and Consular Missions abroad by the Ministry of Information
Websites of foreign diplomatic missions in Oman ... by the Oman Studies Centre
Embassies of Oman by Embassies Worldwide (Erik de Jong)
Oman Yellow Pages

7. Newspapers and News Services

Oman News Agency (ONA) with news in Arabic (and in the future also in English)
al-Watan - the first Omani newspaper on the Web!
'Uman (in Arabic) - the other daily Arabic Oman newspaper
Oman Daily Observer - Oman's first English newspaper on the Web
Times of Oman - Oman's longest established English newspaper
Oman news from AFP Worldwide Newswatch
Washington Post gives access to Washington Post stories and AP news on Oman

8. Information services (other than non-profit)

PRS Political Risk Services Group Inc. sell information on almost any country. An order form for Oman data can be found at

9. Sites providing further Oman links

For more lists of Oman-related links, check our page Lists of Oman-oriented links. All these link lists have been visited by us and links have been incorporated into our Oman Studies Centre's website if found useful.
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