The Oman Maillist (OMAN-L)

Why an Oman Maillist ?

The purpose of the Oman Maillist (OMAN-L) is to bring together people - Omanis and non-Omanis - interested in the Sultanate of Oman, and to provide a forum for discussions, questions, and exchange of information. It was originally set up in March 1996 by Ed Haynes of Winthrop University. Following technical problems at the Winthrop site, it was continued on the server in November 1996 and has now around 240 members. Whether your interest in Oman is temporary (e.g., you are preparing a trip to Oman or writing a thesis or an article on Oman for which you need information) or permanent, you can join and withdraw at any time. See also our pages on Gulf States maillists and on Arab World Maillists and Newsgroups. If you are not familiar with maillists, get information from our Help Desk.

How do I join ?

For joining the list, visit After subscribing, you will receive other subscribers' messages to the list and you can send your own contributions and questions to the list via e-mail to The Oman Maillist is an unmoderated list, but is open only to subscribed members to curb unsollicited commercial e-mail on the list.
Instead of visiting the aforementioned webpage for subscribing and managing your account, you can also subscribe by e-mail. If you prefer this, you need to retrieve the list commands by sending an e-mail to with only the word help in the body of your message (make sure only this word appears in your message, and beware of signatures which are automatically appended to your e-mails!).

How do I unsubscribe ?

To unsubscribe, use list commands via e-mail or visit If you are using different e-mail addresses, check in the header of incoming messages from the list for the e-mail address under which you are subscribed and configure the URL accordingly. If you don't manage at all, e-mail the List Manager.

List archives

List archives are a useful resource if you want to check earlier messages, if you wish to read messages when you do not have access to your e-mail, or to read messages without being subscribed to oman-l. The list archives are at They contain all messages posted to the Oman Maillist since December 1996. The Oman Maillist is also independently archived by eGroups at

Suggestions for further Oman maillists ?

If you are a group of people interested in a specific Oman-related topic for which you would like to create a special maillist, please let us know ( We would like to set up an Oman Archaeology Maillist for those interested in the archaeology of Oman.

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