Oman: Information for tourists

1. Travel Guides / Books

For a list of printed travel guides see the Travel/Tourist guides section on our reading list page.

2. Oman as a tourist destination: general information on tourism in Oman, including information on the tourism infrastructure (hotels see No. 4)

The following book contains a case study on manpower in the tourism industry in Oman:
National and regional tourism planning: methodologies and case studies. - 1994. - 249p. - ISBN 0-415-10990-6 pb: $37.00

Tourism information (official Omani text)

2a. General travel information on Oman (visa regulations, points of entry, currency, addresses, climate ...)

Comprehensive information for the traveller (especially the business traveller) can be found on the website of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI). This includes addresses of hotels, car rental companies, banks, etc. as well as visa and immigration information, information on leisure facilities and much more.

The following websites offer good and comprehensive information for visitor to Oman:
The Oman Visitor by Rashid Abdullah al-Yahyai
The Sultanate of Oman by Border Discoveries Tours
Oman Explorer (Explore Oman) by OmaniaNet (Saeed al-Rashdy)
Destination Oman by Lonely Planet
Further links that provide information for the traveller and tourist:

World Travel Guide: Oman by Columbus Group, gives comprehensive information on all aspects of travel to Oman
Destination Oman by Atevo Inc., also trying to provide everything the Oman tourist needs
Oman Tourism by Legend LLC is a very general overview about Oman's tourist attractions
Oman Tourism is a similar overview by Oman Infoworld (Inforamp)
U.S. Consular Information Sheet on Oman (last updated 9 May 1997)
TravNet! Oman Menu
Travellers Tips to Oman by Tiglion Consultancy Co., also at
INFOHUB Oman Travel Guide
General tourist information: Oman
Tourism information by oman.on.line
Omani Diplomatic and Consular Missions abroad by the Ministry of Information
Embassies of Oman by Embassies Worldwide (Erik de Jong)
Zubair Tours: treasures of Oman - gives some ideas about what to see in Oman
Oman Tourist by New Horizon Internet Services, lists addresses/phone numbers for hotels, restaurants, airlines, car rentals, tour operators, shopping, etc.
The "Lonely Planet" travel guide series has organized an interesting collection of travel information in the form of letters from people who have visited Oman and relate their experiences and give advice in their "Oman Letters" at

3. Health and security precautions for travellers to Oman

U.S. State Department Travel Advisory: Oman
Travel Health Online: Oman summary profile
Travel Health Risks: Oman
Oman: immunizations & anti-malarials (by Riverside Travel MEDICINE Clinic)

4. Hotels in Oman

A privately annotated hotel guide for Oman is Hotel Highs by Abhishek and Rahul Paul. There is also a rapidly increasing list of general websites listing hotels by country. However, most of the following websites list only a small number of hotels on their Oman page and thus do not give a comprehensive overview over hotels in Oman.

Traveling in Oman (by the Internationalist)
Hotels and Travel in Oman by Stelcom Inc., with links to hotel websites
Travellers Tips to Oman
Oman Sheraton Hotel, Muscat
Al-Arjawan Hotel a new, affordable hotel (rooms and appartments) under German management
Oman Hotels (
Other Hotels in Oman
Oman Hotel Listing (ABT Programme) (lists 9 hotels)
Oman Hotel Listing (ABT Programme, alternative site)
"Official Hotel Guide: Hotels in Oman" (links to 4 hotels)
FBTC Frequent Business Travellers Club search programme for hotels etc.

5. Off-road travelling in Oman

Off-road in Oman, a guide by Sue Hutton
Middle East Off-Roader, Abu Dhabi (occasionally with infos on Oman)

6. Tour operators and travel agencies in Oman

Zubair Travel and Service Bureau LLCand Zubair Tours, P.O. Box 833, Ruwi PC 112, Oman. - Tel. +968-708071, 708081, Fax 794980.
Mezoon Travel LLC, P.O. Box 629, Muscat PC 113, Oman. - Tel. 796680, Fax 795721. - E-mail:
Shanfari Travel & Tourism
Oman Discovery / Khasab Travel & Tours
Gulf Ventures
World Travel Net / World Country Guide: Oman
"Tour Oman" Al Harthy Al Araimi Travel & Cargo LLC (AHATC)
Al Taie Travel & Tourism, P.O. Box 1642, Muttrah, PC 114, Oman. - Tel. +968-795087, Fax -706965
Speciality Travel Index: Oman
Dhofar Divers, a specialized venture offering diving tours along the Dhofari coast and around the Kuria Muria Islands. Run by Jay and Colette Chandler, c/o Officers Mess, RAFO Salalah, P.O. Box 051, Salalah PC 211, Oman. - E-Mail:
United Tours, P.O. Box 599, Muttrah PC 114, Oman. - Tel. 787648, Fax 799502; E-Mail:
Moon Travels, P.O. Box 2534, Ruwi PC 112, Oman. - Tel. 796300, Fax 706418; E-Mail:

7. Travel agencies and tour arrangements - Germany
Oman-Angebote deutscher Reisebüros im Internet

Oman Tours Info, Klaus Laempe (Tiengen), e-mail:
Eagle Tours Golf + Reise (specialist for golf holidays)
Tauchreisen Roscher (specialist for scuba diving holidays, with special Oman-Infomationen)

8. Travel agencies and tour arrangements - Italy

Siesta TO: Viaggi Yemen, Emirati, Oman
Consalvi Travel, Roma: Oman

9. Travel agencies and tour arrangements - Spain

Sultanato de Oman (14 Días) by Años Luz, Madrid

10. Travel agencies and tour arrangements - United Kingdom

Steppes East: Oman tour
Gane & Marshall Tours (GMTOURS): Oman

11. Travel agencies and tour arrangements - United States of America

Cox & Kings' Tours: Oman
Oman Adventure Safari by Maluku Adventures, Menlo Park, CA 94026, USA
Border Discoveries Tours, USA and UK, is specializing on Oman; e-mail:
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