Bookshops recommended for new and second-hand books on Oman, Zanzibar and the Arab World in general

Many out-of-print books on Oman are still available in the second-hand and antiquarian booktrade. There are specialized bookshops for both new and out-of-print books which I wish to recommend for your book search after buying books for the Oman Studies Centre library over the past 25 years. Should you wish to add further addresses, please send a message to Please refer to this recommendation when contacting the bookshops.

Abbreviations / Abkürzungen:
N = mainly new books / hauptsächlich neue Bücher
S = mainly second-hand / out-of-print books / hauptsächlich antiquarische Bücher
N/S = new and secondhand books / neue und antiquarische Bücher

Specialized bookshops - International
Spezialbuchhandlungen - international

Adab Books (S)
47 Newnham Road, Cambridge CB3 9EY, England
Tel./Fax +44-1223-323047; e-mail:

Anthony C. Hall (S)
Antiquarian Bookseller, 30 Staines Road, Twickenham TW2 5AH, Middlesex, England
Tel./Fax +44-181-8982638

Asian Rare Books (S)
175 W. 93rd Street (Suite 16-D), New York, NY 10025, USA
Tel. +1-212-316 5334, Fax +1-212-316 3408; e-mail:

Beaumont Travel Books (S)
31 Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1A 1LH, England [ moved to unknown new address !]
Tel./Fax +44-171-6375862

Larry W. Bowman see Indian Ocean Books, Maps & Prints

Jean-Louis Boglio (S)
P.O. Box 72, Currumbin, Queensland 4223, Australia
Tel. +61 7 5534 9349; Fax +61 7 5534 9949; e-mail:

Eastern Books of London (N/S)
81 Replingham Road, London SW18 5LU, England
(Shop open 12 noon - 7pm seven days)
Tel./Fax +44-181-8710880; e-mail:

Fine Books Oriental (S)
38 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LP, England
Tel. +44-171-2425288; Fax +44-171-2425344; e-mail:

Al Hoda (N)
76-78 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0BB
Tel. +44-171-2408381; Fax +44-171-4970180; e-mail:

Indian Ocean Books, Maps & Prints (S)
Dr Larry W. Bowman
P.O. Box 232, Storrs, CT 06268-0232, USA
Tel. +1-860-429 4289 (office and answering machine); Fax: +1-860-486 3347; e-mail: (a website featuring rare and antiquarian books, maps, and prints on the entire Indian Ocean region. The proprietor, Dr. Larry W. Bowman, actively seeks and offers materials on Indian Ocean history and trade, including items on Omani activity along the entire East African coast.)

Joppa Books Ltd (S/N)
68 High Road, Byfleet, Surrey KT14 7QL, England
Tel. +44-1932-336777; Fax +44-1932-348881; e-mail:

Leila Books (N/S)
Mr. George Fawzi, P.O.Box 31 Daher 11271 Cairo, Egypt (Mailing address)
39 Kasr El-Nil Street, Floor 2, office 12. (Visiting address)
Tel. +20-2-3924475, -3934402, -3507399; Fax +20-2-3924475; e-mail:

McBlain Books (S)
Antiquarian Booksellers, P.O. Box 185062, 2348 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518, USA
Tel. +1-203-2810400; Fax: +1-203-2301629; e-mail:

Oriens S.a.r.l. (S)
Librairie Orientaliste, 10 Boulevard Arago, F-75013 Paris, France
Tel.: +33-1-45358028; Fax +33-1-43360150; e-mail:

Oriental and African Books (S)
4 Kingsland Court, 26 Kennedy Road, Shrewsbury SY3 7AB, England
Tel. +44-1743-718367; Fax +44-1743-354699

Het Oosters Antiquarium R. Smitskamp (S)
Nieuwe Rijn 2, 2312 JB Leiden, The Netherlands
Tel. +31-71-5149305; Fax +31-71-5127542; e-mail: and

Oxus Oriental Books (S)
121 Astonville Street, London SW18 5AQ, England
Tel. +44-181-8703854; Fax +44-181-8771173

Palm Tree Books (S)
P.O. Box 123, Occidental, CA 95465, USA
Tel./Fax +1-707-8741501; e-mail:

Arthur Probsthain (N)
41 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3PH, England
Tel. +44-171-6361096

Saqi Books (N/S)
26 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RH, England
Tel. +44-171-221 9347, 229 8543; Fax +44-171-229 7492; e-mail:

Travel Bookshop (N/S)
13 Blenheim Crescent, London W11 2EE, England
Tel. +44-171-2295260; Fax +44-171-2431552

Spezialbuchhandlungen - Deutschland
Specialized bookshops - Germany

Falls Sie Schwierigkeiten haben, ein Fachbuch über Oman in Ihrer örtlichen Buchhandlung zu erhalten, empfehlen wir Ihnen die folgenden Versandbuchhandlungen / If you have difficulties finding books on Oman in your local bookshop, we recommend the following specialized mail-order bookshops, especially for customers from Central Europe.

Otto Harrassowitz, Asien-Abteilung (N)
P.O. Box 2929, D-65174 Wiesbaden, Germany
Tel. +49-611-5300 and -530180; Fax +49-611-530177 and +49-611-9522230; e-mail:

Ad Libros GmbH (N)
Wissenschaftliche Versandbuchhandlung, Luxemburger Str. 178, D-50937 Köln, Germany
Tel. +49-221-417446; Fax +49-221-410810; e-mail:

Das arabische Buch (N)
Horstweg 2, D-14059 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49-30-3228523; Fax +49-30-3225183

Gothow & Motzke (N/S)
Fachantiquariat für Völkerkunde
Friedelstr. 52, D-12047 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49-30-61303990; Fax +49-30-61303991

Orient-Antiquariat G. Enay (S)
Blankeneser Landstr. 53, D-22587 Hamburg, Germany
Tel. +49-40-8663620, Fax +49-40-863287

General Internet Bookshops / Internet-Buchhandlungen allgemein

Empfohlen werden ferner folgende Internet-Buchhandlungen und Internet-Buchkataloge
I also recommend the following Internet bookshops and catalogues

United Kingdom


KNO-Bücherliste Oman (German Books on Oman in print)

Bookshops in Oman / Buchhandlungen in Oman

Family Bookshop
P.O. Box 376, Ruwi PC 112, Oman
Tel. +968-786461; Fax +968-706816

Ibn Kather Bookshop
P.O. Box 17, Ruwi PC 112, Oman
Tel. +968-797105; Fax +968-796287

Al Marifa Bookshop
P.O. Box 3763, Ruwi PC 112, Oman
Tel. +968-713607, 709435, 683097; Fax +968-714539; e-mail:

Nile Bookshop
P.O. Box 1073, PC 131, Oman
Tel./Fax +968-704640

Oman Book Shop
P.O. Box 1128, Ruwi PC 112, Oman,
Tel. +968-701207; Fax +968-704785

al-Oloum Bookshop
P.O. Box 474, Ruwi PC 112, Oman,
Tel. +968-571536, -789126; Fax +968-571534, -702318; e-mail: and

Further lists of bookshops specializing on Arabia and the Middle East:
Publishers and Bookstores on the Middle East by Frank H. Unlandherm, Columbia University
Worldwide List of Islamic Booksellers
Bookshops in London (1992)
MELA List of Book Dealers and Publishers

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