for Documentation and Research on Oman and the Arabian Gulf

Aims and purposes

The Oman Studies Centre was founded in Germany in 1975 as a documentation centre on Oman and the Arabian Gulf. It is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit academic institution which mainly collects information on Oman to assist and coordinate research on Oman and to promote interest in Oman. In line with the Centre's interdisciplinary area studies approach, fields of interest cover a wide range from Oman's history, geography, culture, economy, arts, law, language, natural history and even include more marginal topics such as philately and numismatics.

In particular, the Oman Studies Centre aims at

Geographical scope

The geographical area covered by the Oman Studies Centre is that of the present-day Sultanate of Oman as well as areas which historically belonged to Oman or have been under Omani influence in the past (such as Sahil Uman - now the UAE -, the Makran coast of Iran and Pakistan, Zanzibar, and the East African coast).


The Centre comprises a highly specialized library, special collections such as a newspaper cuttings archive, card catalogues and bibliographic and other databases. This provisional webpage is a first step towards the transformation of the Oman Studies Centre into a virtual documentation centre (see also the Oman Internet Project page).


This site is still under construction. For this reason our own bibliographic and other databases are not yet accessible through the Internet. In the meantime, we offer links to other Internet resources on Oman and invite you to join our efforts to construct a virtual documentation centre on Oman.

For further information on Oman in the Internet:

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