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Dear all,

What I wrote is that (probably in the 1970s) Sultan
Qaboos bought a former hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
(the former name name was something like
"Sonnenbuechel"), and it was said that he bought it
for his mother. She indeed  has stayed there some time
or another. The house had not served as a hotel in
decades, even before the purchase was made many years
ago. The house was not named after the Sultan's mother
nor did I claim it was. I do agree that it is not
appropriate to carry this discussion about private and
personal affairs of the Sultan's household any
further. For those who wish to have an introduction
into the geneaology of the Al Bu Sa'id, have a look at
websites such as http://www.almanach.be and go to the
Oman chapter. Despite some faults and omissions, it
provides excellent data rapidly and at no costs.

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by a list member regarding Sur instead of pressing the
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My apologies!

Best regards,
Joachim Duester  


 --- m.dawood@refinery.co.om wrote: 
> With due respect, Mazoun Al Mashani is the mother of
> our Sultan, Sultan
> Qaboos Bin Said Bin Taimur,  and we never heard that
>  HM the Sultan has
> bought a hotel and named it "Queen
> Mazoon"......usually in Omani culture and
> also applies in our Gulf Region we do not publicize
> our women, they remain
> reserved and respected and do not attend the
> functions along with their
> husbands and or mix with strangers,  as it is in
> western countries and or
> other countries.... We respect our women with
> dignity as they are part of
> our life.... So please if you know about this Hotel
> and or "Queen Mazoon" I
> would be interested to know too, otherwise please
> treat this chapter as
> closed.
> Regards.   
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> I think if you check the records you'll find that
> HM's mother died about
> 10 years ago after a long struggle with diabetes. By
> all accounts she
> was much loved and revered throughout the country,
> not just Dhofar. A
> three-day period of mourning was declared upon her
> death.
> Joachim Duester wrote:
> > "Queen Mazoon" refers to Mazoon al-Mashani, the
> second
> > (?) wife of Sultan Sa'id bin Taimur from a Dhofari
> > family, and mother of Sultan Qaboos. Sadly, she
> died
> > around a year ago. It was always told that it was
> for
> > her that Sultan Qaboos bought the house (or rather
> > former Hotel) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in
> Germany.
> > Calling her "Queen Mazoon" of course is a bit
> > misleading - this is probably not the way an Omani
> > would refer to her.
> >
> > Like Brian, I cannot remember having read much
> about
> > her in publsihed sources.
> >
> > Joachim Duester


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