Webpages on Omani law: link list

This is a preliminary list of links to webpages containing information on the law and legal system of the Sultanate of Oman, including links to texts of laws, decrees, lawyers' websites and related information.

Law in general

Oman (Sultanate of Oman) in the ISLAW Catalogue maintained by Leipzig University provides some of links to WWW pages on Oman's law
Jurweb Bayreuth: Oman (a guide in English and German to WWW information on Oman's law)

(Guide to Law Online: Oman has no information on Oman's law, only a few links to general information on Oman. The same is true for the US House of Representatives Internet Law Library: Oman. For the little information which is available in the WWW on Oman's law, see our sections on business law and constitutional law below.)

Law: business laws and regulations

Doing Business in Oman: information on Oman's business laws provided by Middle East Legal Counselors (Ali & Partners, Washington DC and Kuwait; in Oman: Dr. Jamal Nassir & Partners),
Foreign Investment Law
Oman Foreign Business and Investment Law (1974)
Oman law firms directory by HG Hieros Gamos
Business law and law firms in Oman by Oman Infoworld (Inforamp)
Copyright Law (Ministry of Commerce and Industry)

Law: constitutional law

Basic Law of Oman (= Royal Decree No. 101/96) - unofficial translation on the Ministry of Information website
Basic Law of Oman (= Royal Decree No. 101/96) - unofficial translation
Basic Law of Oman (ICL Project edition)
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