German and International Research on Oman:
Conference - Bonn (Germany), 2-3 July 1999

Hotel Accommodation in Bonn

As the facilities at DETECON do not include accommodation for conference participants, we will try to make special arrangements - especially for student and overseas visitors - for appropriate and affordable accommodation packages. Please let us know with your registration if you want to arrange for accommodation yourself or if you would like us to help you. Likewise, we would be glad to receive any offers from friends and colleagues in and around Bonn who could offer something like 'bead and breakfast' for students or other participants interested in such accommodation.

All conference events are taking place at the DETECON Building, Oberkasseler Strasse 2, 53227 Bonn - Ramersdorf. The building is located directly opposite the exit "Oberkasseler Strasse" of the underground station (U-/S-Bahn) Ramersdorf (Lines 62, 66 und 68, 15-20 min from Bonn's Main Railway Station = Hauptbahnhof). Parking is no problem. For a map and directions, see here (English) and here (Deutsch). The only hotel close to the conference venue (7 minutes walk from the conference rooms to the hotel entrance) is the historic and very pittoresque

Castle Hotel / Schlosshotel Kommende Ramersdorf
Oberkasseler Strasse 10
D-53227 Bonn - Ramersdorf
Tel. +49-228-970960, Fax +49-228-444400

Prices there range from 110 to 150 DM for a single and 150 to 190 DM for a double room including breakfast.

Participants who wish to use public transport for coming to the conference are advised to book accommodation close to the stops of U-/S-Bahn lines 62 and 66 by which they can reach the conference venue fast and easily. Such hotels are, amongst others:

In the lower price range (65-100 DM/single room):
Hotel Eschweiler, Bonngasse 7, 53111 Bonn, Tel. 604190, Fax 694904
(city centre; close to S-Bahn station "Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz", line 62)
Hotel Gross, Bonngasse 17, 53111 Bonn, Tel. 604530, Fax 6045360
(city centre; close to S-Bahn station "Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz", line 62)
Hotel Löhndorf, Stockenstrasse 6, 53111 Bonn, Tel. 655439, Fax 695712
(city centre; close to U-Bahn station "Uni/Markt", line 66)

In the medium/upper price range (150-250 DM/single room):
Hotel Domicil, Thomas-Mann-Strasse 24-26, 53111 Bonn, Tel. 729090, Fax 691207
(city centre; close to S/U-Bahn station "Thomas-Mann-Strasse", lines 62 and 66)
Maritim Hotel, Godesberger Allee, 53175 Bonn, Tel. 81080, Fax 8108811
(close to U-Bahn station "Robert-Schumann-Platz", line 66)

You can also look up addresses and prices of hotels in:

ABAKA: Hotels in Bonn

Further information and advance reservations also through:

Tourismus & Congress GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 26, 53113 Bonn
Tel. 9104160, Fax 9104111 and 9104169

Last-minute bookings after arrival:
Tourist-Information, Cassius-Passage
Münsterstr. 20, 53111 Bonn, Tel. 773466 or 19433, Fax 690368

If you have problems finding accommodation in Bonn on your own, feel free to e-mail the organizers at or fax to +49-228-1752357.

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